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November 3, 2005
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VERO BEACH, FL - National Rx Security has been a leader in forge-resistant technology of prescription pads for the past thirteen years. With the introduction of our original design in 1992, National Rx Security sought to tackle the almost $25 billion a year illegal use of prescription drugs across the United States.

One of the ways that prescription drugs get into the hands of an abuser is through forgery of a physician's prescription blank. National Rx Security, along with sister company ScriptShield, has developed a prescription blank that takes forge-resistant prescription pads to a higher level: introducing HologramRx. Each HologramRx script will have all the same security features as the previous design, including the heat sensitive thumb print and hidden "VOID" warning, but will also include an exclusive hologram. This hologram has undergone testing and has been reported to be failsafe against photocopying, scanning, erasure and removal without noticeable appearance of tampering. Together with the physician's proper care of their prescription pads, the new technologies of HologramRx will help to keep prescription drugs from the wrong hands.

National Rx Security, a pioneer in the forge-resistant prescription pad arena, and ScriptShield, the makers of HologramRx, create a synergistic team that will work together to continue to produce innovative and effective forge-resistant technologies to help physicians protect their professional welfare and stem the abuse of prescription drugs. ScriptShield is based at 535 2nd Street SW, Vero Beach, FL 32962 and can be reached toll free at 1-866-356-1050 or on the web at
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