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•  January, 2006

•  November, 2005

How can you reach physicians on a day to day basis? How can you introduce a product that is new to the market? How can you keep physicians prescribing your brand? The answer is ScriptShield.

Sponsored advertising programs in prescription pads have received great feedback on both the part of the physicians as well as the advertising clients. ScriptShield has learned this from sister company, National Rx Security, who has been supplying these services for the past nineteen years. So now, why not advertise in the most sophisticated prescription pad around? Advertise in HologramRx prescription pads.

Programs can be tailored to fit your needs, but mainly fall within two categories: advertisements of your brand within the prescription pad, as well as brand-imprinted sheets.

This method of advertising is perfect for the launch of a new product. This type of campaign familiarizes physicians with the brand, and gives them confidence to prescribe it. Typically, advertisements are inserted after every 5th script, and will also appear on the inside front cover of each pad. Each order includes a vinyl portfolio that holds a prescribing information booklet for the drug being advertised as well as a place to insert the prescription pad that the physician is currently using. Follow up campaigns are often used as a reminder to physicians to continue to prescribe the brand.

In pads with brand-imprinted sheets, the drug is preprinted on each script, along with instructions for dosage. The physician needs to fill out the patient information and sign the script to validate it. Physicians like this type of script because, in the case that they prescribe a drug often, they do not have to continually write out the same information.

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