Introducing HologramRx™ Pads by ScriptShield


COVID-19 Update:  National Rx Security remains open and continues to accept, produce and ship Rx pad and Rx paper orders within 24-48 hours.

State Boards of Pharmacy and physicians alike are beginning to realize the increased need for prescription security. In this day and age, with advanced technology leading to greater prescription drug abuse, it is paramount for physicians to use forge-resistant prescription pads. ScriptShield, along with 22 year established sister company, National Rx Security, understands this need. ScriptShield is introducing the most sophisticated forge-resistant prescription pad on the market today, HologramRx. 

The numerous security features that accompany each HologramRx script are listed on the back of the script so that the physician and pharmacist can be sure of the authenticity of the prescription. Among these security features are microprinting, thermochromatic ink revealing ‘SAFE’ when rubbed and, of course, an exclusive hologram. The hologram has been tested and is reported to be failsafe against photocopying, erasure as well as chemical lifting. Any attempts to remove or duplicate the hologram will result in visible signs of tampering. The hologram on the actual HologramRx script is silver with a colorful pattern reading ScriptShield when held one way and HologramRx when held the other way. 

The design, manufacture and distribution of forge-resistant prescription pads is our only business, and at ScriptShield we are dedicated to providing the best quality in an unbeatable turnaround time. It is our mission at ScriptShield to provide the most sophisticated forge-resistant prescription pad technologies so that physicians can feel confident that they are doing their part in the fight against prescription drug abuse. Please join us in our effort and order your HologramRx scripts today.